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Getting a divorce is a very personal process.  If you have made the decision to divorce your spouse, or your spouse has made the decision to divorce you, the legal process looms before you much like a painful obstacle course.  Even if both you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you still need the guidance of a trained professional to assist you with addressing all of the issues involved in ending your marriage.

The first thing that you need to do is hire a lawyer to help you navigate though the legal process.   
Your lawyer should be someone who fits well with your personality, understand all of your concerns and zealously advocates for your rights.  She should be someone whom you trust with your most private information. 

The process can feel like the end of the world for some people but be assured that life will get better.  It is better to have loved and lost than to stay married to someone who does not love, respect and bring out the best in you.  You deserve to be happy.  No one deserves divorce, but it happens. 

Your lawyer should meet with you initially and discuss the process, what your primary concerns are and her fee structure.  You should feel comfortable with her and know that in times of crisis, you can reach her with your questions or concerns.  After leaving your initial meeting, it is wise to take the time to decide if your lawyer is a good fit.  

Your working relationship with your lawyer is most important.  You should trust that she will help you to make the best decisions. During the divorce process you will be under the most stressful of circumstances and your lawyer should be there to  assure you that she will represent you zealously within the bounds of the legal system. 

There are special concerns and issues for those of you with children, both during and after the divorce process.  Your lawyer should be familiar with these issues to help counsel you and guide you to make appropriate and informed decisions.

Property division is final upon the entry of the divorce.  That is why your lawyer must be assured that all property is disclosed to the Court in order to make appropriate distribution.  Sometimes finding all of the marital property can be challenging, but it must be discovered in order for the process to work fairly. 

Issues relating to children, unlike property division, are always modifiable.  Your advocate should zealously advocate for the best interests of your children and help you to understand the complexities of custody disputes which may involve a court investigator or the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem.

If you are thinking about divorce or have been served with divorce papers, please call to set up an initial conference.