Practice Areas

This includes:

(1) Buying And Selling Your Home;
(2) Permitting Renovations/Rebuilds;
(3) Environmental Matters;
(4) Developing Parcels;
(5) Litigation Involving The Use of Your Land.

Buying or Selling your home should not be a difficult process but in today's real estate market it can be.

You need a lawyer who will listen to and address your concerns.  In addition, your lawyer should inform  you of the basic process before you start,  from listing your home, thru signing an Offer, thru signing the Purchase and Sale Agreement, obtaining financing, drafting the deed, and reviewing the closing documents. 

There are some major issues to be addressed carefully in the language of the legal documents to avoid future problems,  such as:

  • Who is responsible for the septic system report and any repairs if needed;
  • Whether an anticipated addition can be permitted on the site;
  • Which mortgage type is the right choice for you;
  • What will be left in the home and what will be removed;
  • Whether an Order of Conditions from the local Conservation Commission affects the parcel and what must be done to comply with the Order.

Having a knowledgeable and competent attorney to assist you with this process is most important.

Please schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you protect one of life's major investments, your home.